Grace Kim, DO

Aug 9, 2023 | 2012 Grant Recipients

Grace Kim, DO
Las Vegas, NV
2012 Mentorship Grant Recipient

Mentorship Grant Proposal

Mentor: Diane Thiboutot, MD – Pennsylvania State University, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

During my residency, the subject of acne has always fascinated me.  It is a multifaceted condition with various treatment approaches depending on the age of the patient and type of lesions present.  There are also many new discoveries that are currently being made and so much more to uncover.  I am applying for the AARS grant to study with Dr. Diane Thiboutot at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine for one week to further my knowledge in general dermatology but specifically adult acne in women. Throughout my residency, I have observed a great need for more information and research for this subgroup of patients.  I hope that with this experience, it will help further my understanding in the pathophysiology and treatment of acne.  I have already began my journey in understand this subgroup of patients with an article on spironolactone in post-adolescent acne patients and I am currently in the process of writing another article on late onset acne in females.  It would also be interesting to gain her perspective on the usage of spironolactone in combination with hormonal therapy in women with adult acne, which is a topic of interest to me.  To add, I feel that working with Dr. Thiboutot will give me an edge and more direction into understanding acne in all age groups.

I have chosen Dr. Thiboutot because she is a leading acne specialist who has published on hormonal therapy in women with acne, treatment of severe acne, and antibiotic usage in acne.  She is also part of the Global Alliance to Improve Outcomes in Acne Group with much insight into the management of acne.  I would also like to inquiring and learn more about her area of special interest in research on human sebum production in acne.  Also, I believe that I can learn valuable clinical knowledge concerning acne counseling and tips on improving adherence.  I believe physically being there, observing and inquiring will help ingrain the new knowledge I will acquire and broaden my perspective in clinical dermatology.  Working with Dr. Thiboutot will also give me more direction into my ultimate goal of helping my patients now and in the future.  At the end of this experience, I will be able to carry this knowledge and teach my patients, colleagues and other medical personnel what I have learned.  After I graduate from residency, I would like to teach at a medical institution, lecture and publish on the subject of adult acne and having this experience to follow Dr. Thiboutot will help me to add to the future advancement of dermatology.


Tintle S, Kim, G, et al. Safe use of therapeutic dose oral isotretinoin in patients with a history of pseudotumor cerebri. Archives of Dermatology 2015. Submitted for Publication.
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