Access Initiative

Ensuring access in the US to acne and rosacea treatment has reached a catastrophic point that will require collaboration among dermatologists, all AARS Members, acne and rosacea patients, AARS Corporate Benefactors, and other partners in the healthcare system.


What Is the Access Initiative?

The Access initiative aims at increasing education to insurers, healthcare professionals and ultimately, increasing prescription coverage for acne and rosacea patients.

It may be the biggest undertaking of the Society to date to benefit the clinician and to provide the best possible communication and positive outcomes for acne and rosacea patients.

What You Can Do Right Now to Join with the AARS to Save Acne and Rosacea

We invite you to join thousands of others to sign the Declaration to Save Acne and submit this to us. If we can show the insurance community how many signatures we have and continue to gather, they can’t ignore us!

Donate To AARS

Your monetary donations continue to help our cause!

AARS Publications

Take the time to educate yourself, your colleagues and patients on the AARS Acne and Rosacea publications.

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AARS Managed Care Task Force

Ask about including members of the AARS Managed Care Task Force to collaborate with industry and other partners to educate the insurance companies about the importance of treating acne and rosacea! This helps to provide clinician and patient perspectives on the burden of disease and will continue to position acne and rosacea as conditions that need early diagnosis and individualized treatment!