The American Acne and Rosacea Society (AARS), a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, was established in 2005 as a conglomeration of experts from varied scientific backgrounds.

The purpose of the Society is to facilitate the interchange of knowledge and to stimulate education and research in some of the most common skin conditions we encounter in dermatology practice: acne, rosacea, and HS.

Our founders and our members are dermatology medical professionals doing the fundamental and clinical research as well as performing the daily basic care for patients. We are the advocates of dermatologic diseases, conditions, and their scientific understanding.

The mission of the AARS is to:

  • Promote, support, develop and provide an educational forum for the exchange of information related to acne and rosacea
  • Promote acne and rosacea clinical research and mentoring opportunities for dermatology professionals
  • Improve the care of patients who suffer from acne, rosacea, or hidradenitis suppurativa

The AARS fulfills this mission by:

  • Hosting regular national and regional educational conferences, meetings and webinars
  • Publishing a newsletter highlighting a variety of topics from member and Society news to the latest clinical research findings
  • Funding clinical research grants and developing a mentorship program for future leaders in the specialty
  • Providing resources for the dermatology medical community

How the 

AARS fulfills

its mission