AARS Invites You To Join the Acne Core Outcomes Research Network (ACORN)

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to become an active member of ACORN, the Acne Core Outcomes Research Network, which was set up in June 2013 with funding from the US National Institute of Health.  Our goal is to develop standardized outcome measures for acne.

As you may be aware, the development of core outcome measures requires, as a first essential step, the agreement of core outcome domains using consensus-based methods.  For this we require the active participation of health care professionals as well as other stakeholders including people with acne, regulators, representatives from industry (e.g. drug and device manufacturers) and non-clinical researchers with expertise in acne or outcomes measurement.   

As a member of ACORN, your opinion will be sought at every stage in the identification of what to measure and how to measure it.   The ‘what’ are the core outcomes such as symptoms and impacts of acne; the ‘how’ are the core outcome measures which will eventually be universally adopted in all future clinical trials to measure changes in the core outcomes. 

In the next few months, we will be assembling project teams. To help us do this as fairly and effectively as possible, would you kindly complete a brief questionnaire following the link below to indicate your willingness to join a team and the skills/expertise you can bring.  Once we receive your reply, we will contact you to discuss in more detail how you can help the team meet its objectives.   If you do not wish to join a team at this stage, you can still become a member of ACORN. 

To ensure we get a good mix of members, we would also like to ask if could identify a junior colleague or a research student and a patient who may also be willing to join ACORN.   They will be able to join project teams and take an active part in our research.   

We’d also like to let you know that ACORN is likely to become part of FICTA (Forum for the Improvement of Clinical Trials in Acne, coordinated by Harald Gollnick) and hopes to align efforts with the Cochrane Skin Group- Core Outcomes Set Initiative (CSG-COUSIN) and the International Dermatology Outcomes Measures (IDEOM) groups at some stage during 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,
Alison Layton, MD
Jerry Tan, MD
Diane Thiboutot, MD