Volume: September 2020, Issue 2

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Hot Topics at a Glance


Industry News

  • Discounted Tuition Offer for AARS Members to Acne CME Virtual Event Acne

New Medical Research

  • Passion fruit purple variant (Passiflora edulis Sims var. edulis) seeds extract 10% cream in acne vulgaris treatment: An open-label pilot study.
  • Pain management modalities for hidradenitis suppurativa: A patient survey.
  • Large inflamed facial cysts in teenagers.
  • Non-contrast-enhanced 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging using surface-coil and sonography for assessment of hidradenitis suppurativa lesions.
  • An assessment of current practices in hidradenitis suppurativa: The rise of biologic therapy.
  • Isotretinoin and α-Tocopherol acetate loaded solid lipid nanoparticle topical gel for the treatment of acne.
  • Paired transcriptomic and proteomic analysis implicates IL-1β in the pathogenesis of papulopustular rosacea explants.
  • The effect of isotretinoin on oocyte maturation in adolescent female rats.
  • Comparison of fractional picosecond 1064-nm laser and fractional carbon dioxide laser for treating atrophic acne scars: A randomized split-face trial.
  • Hidradenitis suppurativa as a paradoxical side effect to the use of adalimumab in patients with Crohn's disease?

Clinical Reviews

  • Pain management in hidradenitis suppurativa and a proposed treatment algorithm.
  • Phenotypes and pathophysiology of syndromic hidradenitis suppurativa: Different faces of the same disease? A systematic review.
  • An overview of sarecycline for the treatment of moderate-to-severe acne vulgaris.
  • Oral antibiotics for acne.
  • The skin microbiome: A new actor in inflammatory acne.
  • A systematic review of promising therapeutic targets in hidradenitis suppurativa: A critical evaluation of mechanistic and clinical relevance.
  • Metabolic, pharmacokinetic and toxicological issues of biologic therapies currently used in the treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa.
  • The application of skin care product in acne treatment.
  • A pediatric case of SAPHO-CNO syndrome with clinical correlation between cutaneous and osteoarticular features.
  • Synovitis, Acne, Pustulosis, Hyperostosis, Osteitis (SAPHO): An interesting clinical syndrome.
  • The most recent advances in understanding and managing hidradenitis suppurativa.

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