June 1, 2019 Issue

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Hot Topics at a Glance

Industry News

  • Botanix acne phase 2 study for BTX 1503 has completed its enrollment.

New Medical Research

  • Prospective evaluation of atrophic acne scars on the face with needle-free high-pressure pneumatic injection: quantitative volumetric scar improvement. 
  • Inhibitory effects of Cheongsangbangpoong-tang on both inflammatory acne lesion and facial heat in patients with acne vulgaris: a double-blinded randomized controlled trial. 
  • Topical treatment of acne vulgaris: efficiency, side effects, and adherence rate. 
  • Skin-homing T-cell responses associated with demodex infestation and rosacea. 
  • Thalidomide ameliorates rosacea-like skin inflammation and suppresses NF-κB activation in keratinocytes. 
  • Alterations in IL-4, IL-10 and IFN-γ levels synergistically decrease lipid content and protein expression of FAS and mature SREBP-1 in human sebocytes. 
  • Characterizing high-burden rosacea subjects: a multivariate risk factor analysis from a global survey.
  • Use of Raman spectroscopy in the assessment of skin after CO2 ablative fractional laser surgery on acne scars. 
  • Contact sensitization to cosmetic series of allergens in patients with rosacea: a prospective controlled study. 
  • Comparison of two methods of subcision Nokor and blunt blade in acne scars treatment. 
  • Risk of suicide attempt associated with isotretinoin: a nationwide cohort and nested case-time-control study. 
  • Human sebum requires de novo lipogenesis, which is increased in acne vulgaris and suppressed by acetyl-CoA carboxylase inhibition. 
  • Acne treatment with light absorbing gold microparticles and optical pulses: an open-label European multi-centered study in moderate to moderately severe acne vulgaris patients. 

Clinical Reviews

  • Fire needle therapy for moderate-severe acne: A PRISMA systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. 
  • Use of combined fractional carbon dioxide laser and fractional microneedle radiofrequency for the treatment of acne scars: a retrospective analysis of 1-month treatment outcome on scar severity and patient satisfaction. 
  • Rosacea associated with dupilumab therapy. 
  • Non-invasive objective skin measurement methods for rosacea assessment: a systematic review. 
  • Staphylococcus epidermidis: a potential new player in the physiopathology of acne? 
  • Non-pharmacologic approaches for hidradenitis suppurativa - a systematic review. 
  • Combined treatment of recalcitrant papulopustular rosacea involving pulsed dye laser and fractional microneedling radiofrequency with low-dose isotretinoin. 
  • Propionibacterium acnes and acne vulgaris: new insights from the integration of population genetic, multi-omic, biochemical and host-microbe studies. 
  • An integrated approach to unravel hidradenitis suppurativa etiopathogenesis. 
  • Development of periungual pyogenic granuloma with associated paronychia following isotretinoin therapy: a case report and a review of the literature. 

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