January 18, 2018 Issue

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Hot Topics at a Glance

Industry News

  • Accutane Appeal Prompts Calls for NJ Court to Adopt 'Daubert'
  • Accuitis, Inc., announces clinical studies are underway for its rosacea therapeutic candidate, ACU-D1.
  • Foamix announces positive results from phase 3 open-label safety extension evaluating FMX-101 topical minocycline foam for treatment up to 1 year.

New Medical Research

  • Innate immunity in rosacea. Langerhans cells, plasmacytoid dentritic cells, toll-like receptors and inducible oxide nitric synthase (iNOS) expression in skin specimens: case-control study.
  • Pivotal trial of the efficacy and safety of oxymetazoline cream 1.0% for the treatment of persistent facial erythema associated with rosacea: findings from the first REVEAL trial.
  • Demodex and rosacea: Is there a relationship?
  • Successful combined antibiotic therapy with oral clindamycin and oral rifampicin for pyoderma gangrenosum in patient with PASH syndrome.
  • G2A attenuates P. acnes induction of inflammatory cytokines in human monocytes.
  • Characterization of the facial microbiome in twins discordant for rosacea.

Clinical Reviews

  • Prevalence of gastrointestinal comorbidities in rosacea: Comparison of subantimicrobial, modified release doxycycline versus conventional release doxycycline.
  • Ablative fractional CO2 laser for facial atrophic acne scars.
  • Isotretinoin-induced acne fulminans without systemic symptoms with concurrent exuberant granulation tissue.
  • Pityriasis folliculorum: response to topical ivermectin.
  • The latest drugs and small molecule inhibitors for skin and hair.
  • Retinoic acid embryopathy.

Patient Counseling / Communication

  • Patients' self-esteem before and after chemical peeling procedure.
  • Debunking acne myths: Do patients need to worry about acne after adolescence?

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