Acne is a Top Tween/Teen Skincare Concern, Driver of Online Research: Survey

Jun 27, 2024 | Blog

Acne is the top skin concern for children ages 10-17, a survey of parents shows, with close to 75% saying that that their children talk to them about acne. Parents say they know kids are searching for information online. More than 60% of youths participate in online skincare trends, the survey sponsored by CeraVe suggests.

More than half (54%) say they go to a dermatologist as a first resource for skincare guidance, followed closely by a pediatrician (42%). Seven in 10 parents say they want more information about proper skincare for their children

Findings highlight the impact of acne on affected tweens and teen. One in 5 parents says their child has asked about skipping a school activity or social event due to acne, and 45% of parents believe that social media has made their child more self-conscious about their skin.

Starting with Acne Awareness Month in June and throughout the summer, CeraVe is partnering with dermatologists and mommy influencers to co-create social media content to help parents understand the dos and don’ts of teen and tween skincare. The brand has also collaborated with dermatologists and pediatricians to co-create kits with educational materials for parents and teens, which will be distributed by pediatricians nationwide.

Tween/Teen Acne Skincare

Survey results from CeraVe show tween/teen amd parent interest in skincare.

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