AARS Spotlights Personal Stories During Acne Awareness Month

Jun 3, 2024 | Blog

In efforts to spread accurate medical information during National Acne Awareness Month in June, the American Acne and Rosacea Society is spotlighting members’ stories about their experiences living with, treating, and studying acne. Although it is the most common skin disease and affects a majority of individuals at some point in their lifetime, acne remains misunderstood and can be associated with significant misinformation.

“As the only national professional society dedicated to supporting research, education, and patient care for patients with acne, hidradenitis suppurativa—also known as acne inversa, and rosacea, the AARS continuously works to spread knowledge and counter misinformation about acne,” says AARS President James Q. Del Rosso, DO. “Acne awareness month is an opportunity to enhance those efforts and use the power of social media to help deliver our message to patients and their families.”

All month, AARS members will address the impact of acne on affected individuals, dispel myths, and discuss treatment options. AARS social platforms will be bustling with updates in June and throughout the summer. Additionally, AARS has published a social media toolkit for use by members to help spread #AcneFacts via their own social media channels.

For younger people dealing with acne, AARS Past President Mark Jackson, MD emphasizes, “There are solutions. Many times, parents don’t even know how much it bothers you, but I would encourage you, if it does bother you, to talk about how much it can bother you because there are solutions to the problem.

“There are very simple skin care solutions, but some people need a little bit more than that. And I think it would be really helpful if you see a dermatology health care provider or board-certified dermatologist to be able to get those solutions,” he adds.

“We really need to take this disease seriously,” says AARS President-Elect Jonathan Weiss, MD. He notes that acne can persist into or even first appear in adulthood and, “can have a major impact on both a person’s physical being and their psyche. It is not just a cosmetic issue, but it is a serious inflammatory issue, and we have great treatments available.”

“You are not alone if you’re an adult that still experiences acne breakouts. And there are effective treatments out there,” adds Cheri Frey, MD, a member of the AARS Board of Directors. “So please see your board-certified dermatologist.”

Dermatologists who specialize in acne treatment note the variety of treatment options now available. “Acne is one of the most common conditions that we treat as dermatologists. It’s so important to understand that dermatologists do have a lot of treatment options for you,” observes Patricia K. Farris, MD, a member of the AARS Board of Directors. “There are many things available over the counter, but if those treatments result in failure for you, I would encourage you to see a dermatologist.”

In addition to effective prescription treatments, there are devices, peels, and in-office treatment available, Dr. Farris says.  

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